One America Appeal Rooted in Compelling “Why?”

Not much else can persuade us to unite with all of our neighbors of different thoughts and likeness than seeing former U.S. presidents unite despite a treacherous political environment. Following Hurricane Harvey and anticipating Hurricane Irma, the One America Appeal campaign was launched and presented by the five living former U.S. presidents in a television ad commercial last week.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 8.07.51 PM

This campaign and call to action is compelling and heart-warming, especially considering the hate that a few people have expressed in wake of the hurricane disaster. Radical political voices on both sides of the political spectrum have blamed the recent hurricanes from Texas’s choices in the 2016 Presidential Election to the election of Houston’s mayor because of her sexual orientation.

When cities and families are waking up to millions and billions of dollars of destruction, we, as fellow residents of this earth, should not be looking for reasons of blame and for reasons to divide. We instead should look to ways to reach our new goals – our new future. The One America Appeal campaign gives Americans a reason to hope; a reason to give; a reason to unite.

By calling for Americans to unite together to help their fellow neighbors get back on their feet, this campaign is rooted in the reason to give, not just the ask for money. Not only is the campaign reminding people that we should be uniting more than ever before to aid our Southern neighbors facing back-to-back hurricanes, but it is pulling on the heart-strings of donors in a very authentic way that has a track record of success.

Simon Sinek, author who explores how leaders can inspire others, says that people do not buy what you do, but they buy why you do it. People will not solely give to the One America Appeal campaign because the former presidents of the United States made a commercial with some snippy, heart-wrenching copy and some classical music in the background. People will give to the campaign because of the sentiment that the former presidents came together. They will give because former presidents coming together is a metaphor for the entire country coming together despite our differences in our neighbors’ time of need.

By breaking through political barriers, the One American Appeal is an ingenious way to not only inspire philanthropy, but to inspire love and unity in a time where spurring off hateful tweets is all too common.  The campaign will be successful because it makes viewers think even after the screen fades to black and the next commercial starts rolling. It will be successful because it is rooted in a compelling reason why.


Featured Image from the Texas Military Department 

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