Twitter: A Branding Tool


Over the course of the semester, we were instructed to tweet three times a week. When first given the assignment, I thought: “Okay, so if I tweet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I’ll be good.” That schedule of tweets quickly became obsolete. I suddenly found myself enjoying the process of branding myself.

Branding yourself is an interesting process. Was I to be funny? Professional? Witty? It was very fitting that this assignment was parallel in time to Daya’s “Sit Still Look Pretty” – which I deemed my personal theme song since the first time I listened to the lyrics. My brand was to be what I aspire to be: a strong, smart, no-BS woman who does awesome things – like take the professional world by storm things.

I found this twitter assignment to be professionally empowering. Not only did I know more about what was going on in the world, but I began to have interactions with other public relations professionals throughout the world. It is professionally empowering to have a tweet – an idea in 140 characters or less – be “retweeted” or “favorited” by already successful communication professionals. It was empowering to feel relevant in my field.

This assignment also provoked me to think: is the tweet copy that just came into my head relevant? What makes it relevant? Usually when I asked myself those questions I was able to bring my idea the next level – to connect it to another idea or to a broader concept.

I find it humorous to look back and note that I thought this assignment would be a chore. I thought I would have to remind myself to tweet. I quickly found that the reminders I set on my phone to participate in this twitter assignment were obsolete. I enjoyed gathering my thoughts. I enjoyed cultivating my ideas. I enjoyed branding myself.


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5 thoughts on “Twitter: A Branding Tool

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  1. I loved your view on how you wanted to brand yourself with your Twitter account, and your connection to “Sit Still Look Pretty”. Definitely inspiring to think of Twitter as a way to bring ourselves closer to becoming strong professional women in the world!


  2. I’m glad you found this assignment fun. I began thinking this assignment wasn’t going to be that fun, but it suddenly consumed me and I loved checking up on what was happening in the PR field on twitter.


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