So I Can Be Paid to Speak and Write Well?

I always knew I loved speaking and writing. Basically, I love relating to people publicly. I first became interested in the public relations field when I realized that I could get paid to speak and write well. My public relations path began at Marquette’s 2014 PR and Social Media Summit. I decided to attend on a whim and skipped all my classes for that day. I then changed my major from digital media to public relations by the end of the week. I was attracted to the speaking, the writing and the strategizing. I finally found a career that could provide the natural high that I always get from giving a stellar speech or writing an outstanding paper.

I took pride in my strategic communication skills far before I ever knew that it was a university subject. That pride is born out the work I am able to produce because of my most innate skills. According to the Gallup Strengths Finder, a test that reveals our most natural skills, my top five are: strategic, communication, activator, idealist and adaptable. I can see how those skills not only compliment my academic life, but dictate every decision or task I have ever taken part in, whether personal or professional.

So far I have been heavily exposed to the technical side of PR. I have managed different social media platforms for various brands, written numerous press releases and have represented different brands at varied events. While these tasks get my adrenaline going and undoubtedly release endorphins for me, I still yearn for more; I yearn to be a strategist.

On the first day of my current internship, my supervisor gave me a tour of the building. Because I work at the corporate world headquarters for the company, the tour included the executive suite on the twelfth floor of the building. My eyes lit up; this is where the strategy is born. This is where the brand comes to life. This is where I want to be.

Currently I am young, in school and slightly inexperienced. But, as my Myers-Briggs personality profile says, I am a visionary. I am a dreamer and I always set my goals high. If I can channel my Gallup-told strength of being an activator, maybe, just maybe, I can make my ultimate dream job a part of my reality.


Featured photo by Kiran Foster

2 thoughts on “So I Can Be Paid to Speak and Write Well?

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  1. I agree with you! Although the technical side of PR is interesting, I think it would be cool to be involved with the more strategic aspect of the job. Also, I’m really into the Myers-Briggs personality profile and I got “The Campaigner” when I took the quiz.


  2. Hey Catherine! I think that it’s really cool that you know exactly what you want to do within the PR career path. I was drawn to it because it’s such an open field with lots of possibilities, so it’s interesting to hear a different perspective on the field!


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