Brewing up brand love for Dunkin Donuts

This past Halloween, Dunkin Donuts ignited brand love with the promise of free coffee. I was one of over 700 Instagramers who accepted the challenge using #DDcostumecontest. Since the stakes were high – free coffee for a year and a cash prize – I knew I needed an original costume. I brainstormed ideas and frequently... Continue Reading →

Defining Concepts Visually

The dictionary is updated yearly to include new meanings and new words that our ever-evolving human race creates in any given year. Urban Dictionary is in a constant state of construction as users write and update new definitions for new slang words. But with a culture that is beginning to focus more and more on... Continue Reading →

Design your Website Like an Engaging Museum

I was strolling through a museum last weekend when suddenly I felt like I was walking through a physical, brick-and-mortar manifestation of a website. As I walked through the museum, I read the titles, I glanced at the pictures and videos, I skimmed through the descriptions and then I moved onto the next display. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Nerdy, but Having Fun

I was sitting at the kitchen table when my flip-phone started buzzing. I reached for my very own, new cell-phone to see that my oldest sister was calling and answered. Jessica: “What are you up to?”  Me: “I am doing some homework for language arts. Today, we learned how to diagram sentences.”  Jessica: “Oh how... Continue Reading →

A Daily Tune into NPR Keeps Me Sharp

I started listening to national public radio (NPR) shortly after beginning my first internship. NPR Stories equipped me with relevant and intelligent topics to contribute to office conversations – which I found were much more elevated than the ones amongst my college peers. Now, I listen and look forward to what topics NPR will raise each... Continue Reading →

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